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What is a catch-all address?

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Catch-all mailbox represents a mail server service that takes care of messages sent to your domain, whose ...

What is the difference between POP3(s) and IMAP(s) protocols?

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These are two different protocols (ways of receiving your email messages). Simply put POP3 „downloadads ...

What is an email alias?

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Email alias represents actually just a different name for an already existing email account (mailbox). ...

How to set up secured communication in Windows Mail?

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Windows Mail secured communication settings 1. Run Windows Mail and o to Tools > Accounts 2. Click ...

What is SMS notification?

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Activated SMS notification service will send a SMS to a specified cell phone number every time a new ...

How to set up an email account in Mozilla Thunderbird?

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How to create mailboxes?

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The number of mailboxes you can create depends on the hosting package you have purchased (Mini – 1, , ...

How to set up Autoresponder service?

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How to set up Autoresponder Log in to your Control Panel at . Enter the email ...

How to set up an email account in Outlook Express?

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In the menu click Tools and then Accounts. A new window will be opened, where you should choose the Mail ...