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What are domains and subdomains?

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Domain can be thought of as a symbolic name of your website, which replaces difficult-to-remember numerical server addressses. Only very few people could remember address of your website in the form say, on the other hand is much easier to remember. In fact, every website has a physical address, the so-called IP address in the form as in the example before. This numerical address can be understood by every computer connected to the Internet and translated into instructions where to look for the website. For example, when you enter address, your computer using the DNS service asks specialised servers for the numerical IP address, which can be found and the site displayed.

Domain levels are separated by full stops. The last part (sk in our example) is called TLD or top-level domain. The next to the last and the last part of the name together is called second-level domain ( in our example). This second-level domain can be purchased via the order form on our website. Ownership of the domain is assigned by domain name registrar (in the case of .sk domains you can also use our Express Registration service - more information in the FAQ Domain section).

The part of the address preceding (in our example) is  as implied called third-level domain or subdomain.

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