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ZenPhoto Installation

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1. download the current version of ZenPhoto available at

2. unpack the downloaded archive – it is recommended to rename the folder you get (it can be named zenphoto depending on your version)

3. upload the folder to your FTP according to the instructions in the article Uploading Your CMS

4. if you have not created a database so far, do so by following the instructions in the article Setting Up Your Database

5. enter URL of the form: http://www.domain_name.tld/name_of_the_installation_folder/ or http://www.name_of_the_installation_folder. domain_name.tld/ into the address bar of your browser and you should see the installation menu of your CMS

6. enter your database information (go back to step 4 for further reference) and save them

7. run the installation by clicking the „Go“ button

8. installation is now complete, now you have to configure your administration account by clicking on „set your admin user and password“, enter your login information and do not forget to check all priviliges you would like to have as administrator in the Rights section, save your settings

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