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To switch your provider you have to fill in the order form. After completing the form you will be able to generate a F5 form (domain registrar change request). Then visit and make sure that ...

How to verify a digitally signed invoice?

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Use of electronic invoice increases your comfort - S využitím elektronických faktúr sa zvyšuje Váš komfort - umožnia Vám prehľadnejšiu archiváciu a vyhľadávanie. Používaním elektronickej faktúry šetríkej ...

Webhosting definition

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Webhosting can be defined as a package of services, which can be used by the customer according to his/her possibilities and needs. This package may include services such as: - domain registration and ...

.sk - Slovak domain

views: 2933 | Date added: 17.07.2012 | rating:

Top-level domain: .sk TLD type: ccTLD Minimum length: 2 characters Register: Rules: ...


views: 2761 | Date added: 17.07.2012 | rating:

" Top-level domain: .de TLD type: ccTLD Minimum length: 3 characters Register: Rules: ...


views: 2781 | Date added: 17.07.2012 | rating:

" Top-level domain: .info TLD type: gTLD Minimum length: 3 characters Register: Rules: ...

How to download my mail messages?

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To download your messages you may use protocols such as POP3, IMAP or IMAPs. POP3, IMAP and IMAPs are supported almost universally among the most popular email clients such as MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, ...

What is a catch-all address?

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Catch-all mailbox represents a mail server service that takes care of messages sent to your domain, whose recipient address does not match any mailbox name. These will not be bounced back as undelivered ...

How to set up an email account in Outlook Express?

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In the menu click Tools and then Accounts. A new window will be opened, where you should choose the Mail tab and click Add, choose the Mail item and click it. Yet another window will be opened, now, enter ...

How to set up Autoresponder service?

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How to set up Autoresponder Log in to your Control Panel at . Enter the email accounts section and click change next to the mailbox, whose autoresponder should be activated. ...