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Unallowed activities

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On the VPS server it is not allowed to do acts that would restrict server performance, were contrary to the VPS license or Terms of Trade, which are valid and mandatory for each customer.

List of some forbidden "activities"

  • Unwanted email messages (Spam) - to send unwanted email messages, to use nonexistent return mail addresses, to provide open RELAY smtp server for third parties to send spam.

  • Unauthorized access to third party computers - trying to unauthorized or illegally obtain access to third party computers or networks. It is not allowed to make any attempts to obtain authorization to access of other user or to circumvent any security measures.

  • Any illegal activities - to damage anyone's computer including operating system in any way.

  • Usage of false contact details – all the information given by you needs to be truthful and updated for change.

  • Forbidden content – it is not allowed to host IRC, DC++, warez and other similar servers, it is forbidden to host server with any kind if illegal and unethical topics (if you are not sure, contact our technical support).

In the event of breach of rules, EXO HOSTING is entitled to disconnect such a server, restrict its operation or completely cancel it and to recover caused damage, all without prior warning.

When considering a possible application of sanctions, we follow our Terms of Trade.