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We provide webhosting for thousands of domains.
Transfer your domains to us and join our satisfied customers.

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Free transfer of .sk domain

If you transfer your domain to us, we pay transfer fee for you.


Our virtual servers are fully configurable, you can specify basic parameters - disk space, RAM and vCPUs in the order. Our very own Control panel can be used for the server management. You can also use Control panel for managing unlimited number of domains.

viac Who should use a virtual private server?

A virtual private server (VPS)  is designed for customers who need greater computing resources or specific server configuration. Je založená na spôsobe rozdelenia určitého objemu pamäte a výkonu, ktorý si môžete ľubovoľne zvoliť. Funkčnosť VPS sa dá porovnať s funkčnosťou dedikovaného servera za nižšiu cenu, hlavnou výhodou je však možnosť správy VPS cez Control panel, čo ocenia najmä menej skúsení používatelia.

viac How does a virtual private server work?

Using virtualization, one physical server is divided into several virtual servers, each of which operates independently from other virtual servers on the same physical server. Each virtual server contain reserved amount of disk space, RAM and vCPUs.

viac How does e-mail space work?

When ordered, e-mail services use our mailservers, specifically configured for these purposes. We recommend to use your mail servers since they are professionally configured and reliable.
You can of course use virtual server for e-mail services but you are fully responsible for its configuration.

viac How does backup work?

If you order backups, we create backup of the complete directory structure of your virtual server once a day. Backups are available from the past 14 days at any time. Otherwise there is available only backup from the past day and only on request.

viac Why VPS?

  • High performance for a low price

  • Unlimited number of domains running on a virtual server

  • Simple management with our own Control panel

  • Fast connection directly to backbone network

  •  30 days money back guarantee

viac What do you get with a VPS?

  • dedicated IP address

  • full root access

  • possibility to restart VPS at any time

  • possibility to set your own firewall, DNS or SMTP server

  • possibility to recompile webserver or mailserver