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unlimited hosting how does it work

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What does it mean unlimtied hosting? We do not want to limit you anymore so we would like to indulge you as much space, emails and databases as your rapidly growing site with dynamically changing requirements needs. But logically unlimited hosting is limited by capabilities of servers on which are your sites hosted and also by some rules, let's say rules of good manners that we have established so the individuals could not abuse these generous resources that we bring to you for your convenience.

The key idea of this package is standard web site. What is this standard web site? Standard web site is a personal webpage and/or webpage for small and medium-sized companies that uses the resources of the server (capacity, space, amount of emails, amount of databases) in the similar extent as most of our clients on shared hosting (90% of our users and also the majority of the Slovak Internet users).

And what is not the standard web site? Standard web site is not large corporate webpage, webpage containing larger quantity of audio/video files, file server, file hosting, image hosting, download and upload of the webpage, webpage with traffic that exceeds traffic on sites of the majority of clients and similar pages, for which we have designed our virtual and dedicated servers.

Now more details about rules for use of Unlimited hosting:

Unlimited disk space – means capacity of disk space used by standard web sites. The amount of space may be limited if the customer uses the space in extent that limits sites of other customers. It is forbidden to use Unlimited hosting to store data not related to the page, to archive and backup data, to provide space to other persons and/or companies, to use the space as download server for large amounts of software, videos, images, music and other data.

Unlimited amount of e-mail addresses - it is the amount of e-mail addresses used by standard web site. It is forbidden to operate excessive amount of e-mail addresses for people/companies that are not related to the customer (e-mail addresse for other person, for portal users, public mail server) and to rent e-mail addresses to other person/company.

Unlimited amount of databases - amount of databases, used by standard web sites. It is forbidden to use this databases to for other accounts that the one they were created in, it is forbidden to use them from hosting accounts at other provider or through the software not located at the Provider.

Unlimited amount of aliases - customer is allowed to direct unlimited amount of domains/aliases to the web space using DNS parking/DNS parking plus under conditions that domains directed to the hosting account are not provided for sites of third parties.

We are happy that we can relieve you from the worrying about exceeding a certain parameter of hosting package. With us you can grow and bring for yourself and your customers new possibilities. If you will not use our offer in a way that constrains other customers as outlined above, you do not even have to think whether you have enough space or databases or email addresses... Otherwise, we will contact you and offer you a solutions that suits best for your needs.